Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Dental prosthetics such as crowns and bridges are fixed solutions to missing teeth. Made with strong and durable material, these restorations perfectly help restore missing teeth making your smile appear beautiful and natural.

What are crowns?

Crowns are fixed prosthetic dental restorations. They are basically manufactured artificial teeth that can replace natural ones that may have either fallen off or broken due to an injury. They are made of fine ceramic or porcelain material making them match with the color and texture of natural teeth. 

How are crowns placed?

Dental crowns are recommended when the patient's natural teeth have been damaged, fractured, or weakened due to injury or decay. Upon removing the damaged tooth, any signs of decay would be removed. Later, the crown would be set in place to support the missing tooth. The crown would fit like a cap protecting the tooth.

What are dental bridges?

Bridges are dental prosthetic appliances made of porcelain fused to metal to replace missing teeth. They help achieve both strengths and give the smile a natural look.

How are bridges placed?

A typical dental bridge consists of a false tooth between two crowns. Teeth on either side of the gap would be prepared to receive the crown while the false tooth would cover the gap restoring its shape, look, and form.

When would you need crowns or bridges?

Dental restorations such as crowns and bridges can repair a number of different dental problems. Bridges or crowns would be necessary for the following situations.

  • Fractured or damaged
  • Teeth weakened due to too much decay
  • Teeth suffering from severe discoloration
  • Worn out or misshapen teeth
  • To stabilize removable restorations

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