General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General dentistry involves several dental services and procedures with an aim to preserve the health and form of our natural teeth. Regular visits to the dentist's office can help ensure your oral health keeping you look and feel great!

Oral Health

Ensuring timely dental visits and regular care is essential to maintain good oral health. Several studies have revealed links between dental health and other general health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. Good oral health care can begin from childhood, hence, it is important that parents teach their children to pick up good oral hygiene habits. 

Routine Exam

As part of the preventive strategy, dentists perform routine dental exams during dental check-ups. A routine exam would involve evaluation of your overall health and oral hygiene, perform an assessment to judge whether the patient may be in need of orthodontic or restorative care, checking for bite or jaw problems, take necessary dental X-rays, undergo other diagnostic procedures, etc.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is an integral part of maintaining good oral health. During your visits with us, our dentist will conduct cleaning and deep cleaning procedures to remove and clear away deposits from the surface of your teeth. Patients would be able to experience a stain-free, clean tooth after their dental cleaning session. Deep cleaning helps fight and scale away tough stains and dirt from teeth surface.

Dental Fillings

We can help rebuild broken parts of your teeth by replacing them with fillings. Fillings can restore worn, decayed, or damaged teeth to its full form and structure. Composite fillings are the most common type of dental filling. Other examples of fillings are Amalgam, Gold, and Porcelain fillings.

Emergency Dental Care

Our practice provides emergency dental for patients to help treat their cases around the clock.
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